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  • Inspiration


    Quantum physics can explain nearly everything including how human brain works. Inspiration and imagination are vital parts that move society and technology forward. The same as in quantum physics there are no limitations to the human mind. Keep dreaming and working hard, because dreams do come true.

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  • Objective reality

    Objective reality

    In the reality we experience, physical systems have pre-existing material characteristics existing independently of other systems. But in the quantum world, there is no predetermined definite state. In this video, Daachi challenges Chris to think about the nature of his belief in objective reality.

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    Playing with Reality – They Do It for a Living. THE (MICRO) MECHANICS is a micro version of THE MECHANICS, a short documentary project about the crazy world of quantum mechanics. The mechanics – all based in the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore – are: Stephanie Wehner, Dagomir Kaszlikowski, and Artur Ekert. A film by Karol Jalochowski. More:

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