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  • Prism Part 1 – Splitting Atoms

    Prism Part 1 – Splitting Atoms

    A young man after failing to tell the girl he truly loves how he feels, struggles to come to terms with his decision. As he walks away feeling dejected, he begins to over analyse the very fabric of his choice and the ability to make a choice within a universe defined by The Many Worlds Theory by Hugh Everett. This film explores how choices in our everyday lives maybe made in a multiverse in the form of The Many Worlds [...]

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  • Is the Multiverse Evolving?

    Is the Multiverse Evolving?

    The idea for this came to me one night in Egypt some years ago, when I was crossing a desert with my husband. (This sounds terrific until I mention that we were riding a tourist bus from Luxor to Hurghada airport.) The bus ride took a few hours, and while I was looking at the stars and the silhouttes of the vadis, my thoughts went to the possibility of a multiverse and what it could mean. when I saw the [...]

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