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  • Alice in Quantumland

    Alice in Quantumland

    A love story about girl who finds her Romeo with a little help from quantum physics.

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  • Quantum thoughts

    Quantum thoughts

    My video is inspired by the quantum universe of super-positions, multi-verses and simply makes one ponder on the nature of our reality. I captured some elements from super 8 film and instant film and animated these with digital elements into a sequence. I used film elements because I think film chemistry shows the randomness of the quantum world in a beautiful way.

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  • A State of Superposition

    A State of Superposition

    Raul fled Somalia when he was twelve, after witnessing the killing of his father. On the plane out, the announcements were in a language he couldn’t understand; he had no idea where he was going. He was not in a position to observe the destination and so entered a state of superposition, simultaneously travelling to France, Germany, America and every other country with an airport. It was only once he landed, and a social worker pointed to England on a [...]

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    A short story that involves disagreements between tenant and the householder with a bit of quantum superposition.

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  • Cat in the Box

    Cat in the Box

    You think you know the story. Cat in the Box, based on one of the most well-known quantum physics theories, is an indulgently playful film that spins a fresh new take on how we can see this concept in real life. Just what is the cat in the box?

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    Artur Ekert is the founding Director of Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore (quantumlah.org). He is also – one could say parallelly – the Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor at the National University of Singapore and the Professor of Quantum Physics at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK. He is one of the pioneers of quantum cryptography. In his non-academic life he is also an avid scuba diver, and a pilot. Some say he can be in many places [...]

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