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  • A State of Superposition

    A State of Superposition

    Raul fled Somalia when he was twelve, after witnessing the killing of his father. On the plane out, the announcements were in a language he couldn’t understand; he had no idea where he was going. He was not in a position to observe the destination and so entered a state of superposition, simultaneously travelling to France, Germany, America and every other country with an airport. It was only once he landed, and a social worker pointed to England on a [...]

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  • High School Particles

    High School Particles

    As students, we saw links between quantum mechanics and school life. This is shown in the video which summarises the fundamental forces, Standard Model, QCD and QED. This approach links the micro and macro worlds in a way many people can relate to. Also, despite the abstract theories in Quantum Mechanics, there is still room for light-heartedness which is also the motivation behind the title. Although the explanation is in logical order, the venues and examples used are random. This [...]

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  • Quantum bureaudynamics lesson three : mini whole of governments

    Quantum bureaudynamics lesson three : mini whole of governments

    This video explains the physics behind the formation of mini whole of governments out of the quantum foam. It touches on the second law of bureaudynamics, and String ‘Em Along theory. My wife and I enjoy following quantum science, and have found many of the theories relate to the bureaucracies we deal with, giving rise to Quantum Bureaudynamics, a fertile field in which we play. Made it mostly on my iPad using an animation app called Animation Desk, then put [...]

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  • lesson 2 : quantum bureaudynamics

    lesson 2 : quantum bureaudynamics

    The strange and inexplicable workings of bureaucracies explained by the principles of quantum physics. I want to thank my collaborator and husband Blair McFarland. We have developed this abstruse baranch of quantum physics together, and it has given us many hours of shared hilarity.

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  • Quantum State [TRAILER]

    Quantum State [TRAILER]

    This is the trailer for Quantum State. Quantum State looks at how science has shaped our world and how quantum mechanics is continuing that role and changing our world.

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  • quantum bureaudynamics

    quantum bureaudynamics

    an explaination of some fundamental particles that exist at a quantum level in the bureauverse. my wife and I work closely with these particles and our understanding of some of their characteristics have been informed by quantum theory. We have other theories, including some cutting edge theoretical explorations of what might be going on in the Hole of Government, behind the non-event horizon. the full txt of our theoretical work can be found on http://aliceonline.com.au/?s=Quantum+bureaudynamics.

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