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  • Chasing The Light

    Chasing The Light

    A very personal tribute to Light – an often overlooked piece of magic in my life and the one single thing that can make everything beautiful in an instant. Written and Directed by Esna Ong Voiceover: Jondave Ong Special thanks to: Ahmad Nazaruddin, Tan Yan Yong, Rosemarie Lim, Michelle Ng and Victoria Lim Music by: Incompetech

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  • Apostrophe


    We are students (high school students) of science and have been instructed in the fundamentals of quantum physics (in a semi-rigorous mathematical setting). However we’ve never got the chance to explore quantum physics from a heterodox point of view. Applying our artistic and creative skills, we entered this competition to maybe think about quantum physics a little differently. Judges, you might find that I understate this. This video thinks about quantum physics very differently, and if Schrödinger’s cat were to [...]

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  • High School Particles

    High School Particles

    As students, we saw links between quantum mechanics and school life. This is shown in the video which summarises the fundamental forces, Standard Model, QCD and QED. This approach links the micro and macro worlds in a way many people can relate to. Also, despite the abstract theories in Quantum Mechanics, there is still room for light-heartedness which is also the motivation behind the title. Although the explanation is in logical order, the venues and examples used are random. This [...]

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  • Black Out

    Black Out

    A normal kid, going to a normal day of school. One of the really dangers rocket of the army was somehow dis-connected from the server and blew up somewhere totally else. This Rocket was caring a special chemical that made the on who was near it effected. In this case Kai’s head started to hurt and he started seeing Dimension. As he saw one of the possibilities of his future he gets scared. A voice in his head tells him [...]

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  • Cat in the Box

    Cat in the Box

    You think you know the story. Cat in the Box, based on one of the most well-known quantum physics theories, is an indulgently playful film that spins a fresh new take on how we can see this concept in real life. Just what is the cat in the box?

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