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  • The Quantum Worldbuilder

    The Quantum Worldbuilder

    On a scientific breakthrough to replicate Earth, Professor Up accidentally creates an evil version of himself, Doctor Down. Doctor Down then hijacks the Quantum Worldbuilder pod, and proceeds to creating a new world where all men are a version of himself. Can Professor Up stop his evil self in time?

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  • Quantum Daughter

    Quantum Daughter

    Quantum Daughter is a story about the daughter of Ernst Rutherford, who appears from another universe through the use of a Parallel Universe Ap on her Really Smart Phone as she seeks to gain enough ID points to renew her Quantum Computer Phone Contract. She is pursued by her Really Smart Phone provider across the multiverse. She encounters a parallel version of her father, Ernst Rutherford, discoverer of the nucleus, scientist and human being. Quantum Daughter is created for New [...]

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