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  • Chasing The Light

    Chasing The Light

    A very personal tribute to Light – an often overlooked piece of magic in my life and the one single thing that can make everything beautiful in an instant. Written and Directed by Esna Ong Voiceover: Jondave Ong Special thanks to: Ahmad Nazaruddin, Tan Yan Yong, Rosemarie Lim, Michelle Ng and Victoria Lim Music by: Incompetech

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  • Conscious Universe

    Conscious Universe

    This film is an exploration into the profound nature of all things. The basic human tendency to search for meaning in life finds, for many people, an expression in both science and philosophy- both can be viewed as a sort of dance with the Mystery that lies at the heart of our existence. The type of reality proposed by quantum physics and the search for the elusive ‘Theory of Everything’ inspire in me a profound sense of the mystical nature [...]

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    Entangled moves by the ingenious Strangeweather Movement Group (Faye Lim, Bernice Lee, Christina Chan, Daniel Sahagun Sanchez). They will play a substantial role in “Quantum Dreams” documentary (quantum-dreams.com). Here’s a demo reel of the group’s “Spooky Action at a Distance” performance (details here). We recorded it on October 20 and 21, 2012. A film by Karol Jalochowski.

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  • Quanta Quandaries

    Quanta Quandaries

    A whimsical poetic exploration of basic quantum physics, the weird and wonderful sub-atomic science that too often defies logical explanations on our scale of things. The Alice through the Looking Glass theme plays into the mysterious goings on in the sub-atomic quantum world.  The aim of this video is to introduce the names of some of the key components and concepts of quantum physics through a perspective that illustrates and animates the weirdness of some of those ideas.

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