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  • Entanglement


    2 friends wake up to find themselves victim to a curse analogous to quantum entanglement, they each can control the arm of the other. As they struggle to come to terms with their predicament, they try to continue with their everyday lives. Can they find a cure, or are they doomed to face a life were the actions of one instantly affects the other? We made this over the course of a week, but didn’t spend more than 48 man-hours [...]

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  • Quantum bureaudynamics lesson three : mini whole of governments

    Quantum bureaudynamics lesson three : mini whole of governments

    This video explains the physics behind the formation of mini whole of governments out of the quantum foam. It touches on the second law of bureaudynamics, and String ‘Em Along theory. My wife and I enjoy following quantum science, and have found many of the theories relate to the bureaucracies we deal with, giving rise to Quantum Bureaudynamics, a fertile field in which we play. Made it mostly on my iPad using an animation app called Animation Desk, then put [...]

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  • lesson 2 : quantum bureaudynamics

    lesson 2 : quantum bureaudynamics

    The strange and inexplicable workings of bureaucracies explained by the principles of quantum physics. I want to thank my collaborator and husband Blair McFarland. We have developed this abstruse baranch of quantum physics together, and it has given us many hours of shared hilarity.

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  • Quantum Daughter

    Quantum Daughter

    Quantum Daughter is a story about the daughter of Ernst Rutherford, who appears from another universe through the use of a Parallel Universe Ap on her Really Smart Phone as she seeks to gain enough ID points to renew her Quantum Computer Phone Contract. She is pursued by her Really Smart Phone provider across the multiverse. She encounters a parallel version of her father, Ernst Rutherford, discoverer of the nucleus, scientist and human being. Quantum Daughter is created for New [...]

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  • Heisenberg


    two women make observations on the man.

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  • quantum bureaudynamics

    quantum bureaudynamics

    an explaination of some fundamental particles that exist at a quantum level in the bureauverse. my wife and I work closely with these particles and our understanding of some of their characteristics have been informed by quantum theory. We have other theories, including some cutting edge theoretical explorations of what might be going on in the Hole of Government, behind the non-event horizon. the full txt of our theoretical work can be found on http://aliceonline.com.au/?s=Quantum+bureaudynamics.

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