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  • High School Particles

    High School Particles

    As students, we saw links between quantum mechanics and school life. This is shown in the video which summarises the fundamental forces, Standard Model, QCD and QED. This approach links the micro and macro worlds in a way many people can relate to. Also, despite the abstract theories in Quantum Mechanics, there is still room for light-heartedness which is also the motivation behind the title. Although the explanation is in logical order, the venues and examples used are random. This [...]

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  • Quantum Eraser Channel

    Quantum Eraser Channel

    For my submission to this contest, I have made a video about a quantum physics experiment that inspires me to study quantum physics. The video was made using the Persistence of Vision ray-tracer, and all of the models and animations are coded by me, from scratch. The music is “You Will Never Get to Heaven” by Dreamsploitation (dreamsploitation.com/). Thanks to Aaron Atwater for lending his CPU for rendering.

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