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  • Alice in Quantumland

    Alice in Quantumland

    A love story about girl who finds her Romeo with a little help from quantum physics.

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  • Entanglement


    2 friends wake up to find themselves victim to a curse analogous to quantum entanglement, they each can control the arm of the other. As they struggle to come to terms with their predicament, they try to continue with their everyday lives. Can they find a cure, or are they doomed to face a life were the actions of one instantly affects the other? We made this over the course of a week, but didn’t spend more than 48 man-hours [...]

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    A short story that involves disagreements between tenant and the householder with a bit of quantum superposition.

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  • Cat in the Box

    Cat in the Box

    You think you know the story. Cat in the Box, based on one of the most well-known quantum physics theories, is an indulgently playful film that spins a fresh new take on how we can see this concept in real life. Just what is the cat in the box?

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  • Feedback


    A reclusive director invites the press to a screening of his new film “Feedback”. Quantum mechanics and film are connected by subjectivity. –Traditional Japanese Haiku

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  • Prism Part 1 – Splitting Atoms

    Prism Part 1 – Splitting Atoms

    A young man after failing to tell the girl he truly loves how he feels, struggles to come to terms with his decision. As he walks away feeling dejected, he begins to over analyse the very fabric of his choice and the ability to make a choice within a universe defined by The Many Worlds Theory by Hugh Everett. This film explores how choices in our everyday lives maybe made in a multiverse in the form of The Many Worlds [...]

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  • the Cat

    the Cat

    Who killed Schroedinger’s cat? Directed by Giannicola Scarpa – written by Cristina-Iulia Bucur and Giannicola Scarpa – with Harry Buhrman, Juan Martinez and Deniz Uğurlar

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  • Quantum Daughter

    Quantum Daughter

    Quantum Daughter is a story about the daughter of Ernst Rutherford, who appears from another universe through the use of a Parallel Universe Ap on her Really Smart Phone as she seeks to gain enough ID points to renew her Quantum Computer Phone Contract. She is pursued by her Really Smart Phone provider across the multiverse. She encounters a parallel version of her father, Ernst Rutherford, discoverer of the nucleus, scientist and human being. Quantum Daughter is created for New [...]

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  • God Particle

    God Particle

    For in him we live, and move, and have our being… Through him we become One The god particle is in all of us, it defines us, it completes us.

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    Life and death in a quantum world. Bad boys’ physics. The Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment mapped onto a gangsta movie context. Played by Dag Kaszlikowski and Pawel Kurzynski, uncompromising physicists from the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore (quantumlah.org).

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  • Know Time

    Know Time

    Perception is reality. Even love. In a story that juxtaposes the mysteries of love with quantum physics, we see supposed knowledge of destiny create destiny in the chaotic randomness of human relationships.

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