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  • Quantum thoughts

    Quantum thoughts

    My video is inspired by the quantum universe of super-positions, multi-verses and simply makes one ponder on the nature of our reality. I captured some elements from super 8 film and instant film and animated these with digital elements into a sequence. I used film elements because I think film chemistry shows the randomness of the quantum world in a beautiful way.

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  • The Double Slit Experiment

    The Double Slit Experiment

    Quantum answers #3 – The Double Slit Experiment This video suggests that particle-wave dualism is responsible for the confusion around the double slit experiment.  If you remove that assumption – and use the Transactional and Many-world interpretations – a more plausible explanation becomes apparent.

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  • What is time?

    What is time?

    Quantum answers #1 – What is time?  Is it an illusion? The Schrodinger equation and Maxwell’s equation have relativistic versions that flow backwards in time.

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  • Do we have free will?

    Do we have free will?

    Quantum answers #2 – Is there free will? This video answers this question using the Many-world and Transactional interpretations of quantum mechanics.  The surprising answer is revealed in the introduction.

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  • Quantum bureaudynamics lesson three : mini whole of governments

    Quantum bureaudynamics lesson three : mini whole of governments

    This video explains the physics behind the formation of mini whole of governments out of the quantum foam. It touches on the second law of bureaudynamics, and String ‘Em Along theory. My wife and I enjoy following quantum science, and have found many of the theories relate to the bureaucracies we deal with, giving rise to Quantum Bureaudynamics, a fertile field in which we play. Made it mostly on my iPad using an animation app called Animation Desk, then put [...]

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  • Is the Multiverse Evolving?

    Is the Multiverse Evolving?

    The idea for this came to me one night in Egypt some years ago, when I was crossing a desert with my husband. (This sounds terrific until I mention that we were riding a tourist bus from Luxor to Hurghada airport.) The bus ride took a few hours, and while I was looking at the stars and the silhouttes of the vadis, my thoughts went to the possibility of a multiverse and what it could mean. when I saw the [...]

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  • lesson 2 : quantum bureaudynamics

    lesson 2 : quantum bureaudynamics

    The strange and inexplicable workings of bureaucracies explained by the principles of quantum physics. I want to thank my collaborator and husband Blair McFarland. We have developed this abstruse baranch of quantum physics together, and it has given us many hours of shared hilarity.

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  • Quantum Daughter

    Quantum Daughter

    Quantum Daughter is a story about the daughter of Ernst Rutherford, who appears from another universe through the use of a Parallel Universe Ap on her Really Smart Phone as she seeks to gain enough ID points to renew her Quantum Computer Phone Contract. She is pursued by her Really Smart Phone provider across the multiverse. She encounters a parallel version of her father, Ernst Rutherford, discoverer of the nucleus, scientist and human being. Quantum Daughter is created for New [...]

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  • Quantum Eraser Channel

    Quantum Eraser Channel

    For my submission to this contest, I have made a video about a quantum physics experiment that inspires me to study quantum physics. The video was made using the Persistence of Vision ray-tracer, and all of the models and animations are coded by me, from scratch. The music is “You Will Never Get to Heaven” by Dreamsploitation (dreamsploitation.com/). Thanks to Aaron Atwater for lending his CPU for rendering.

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  • Inspiration


    Quantum physics can explain nearly everything including how human brain works. Inspiration and imagination are vital parts that move society and technology forward. The same as in quantum physics there are no limitations to the human mind. Keep dreaming and working hard, because dreams do come true.

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