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  • From the Pentagon Inequality to the Poincaré Universe

    From the Pentagon Inequality to the Poincaré Universe

    “Some scientists make us believe, we are living in a flat grainy pancake universe. But where would then the symmetries come from?” The video shows discrete space grid known as cubic lattice Z5 in 3D animated geometry. It serves as a model in (quasi-) crystallography to examine higher-dimensional space in terms of the orthogonality graph in the form of a pentagram. With this newly discovered hyper-Platonic solid, a space cell of grid Z5 : the Epitahedron (E±).- found by Renate [...]

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  • Quantum Invader

    “Quantum Physics tells us that massive particles can interfere with themselves. What if that also works on the macroscopic scale? Would we need to fear “Quantum Invader”? We decided to explore this question both in the lab and in a computer game. Here is our trailer….” Animation: WoogieWorks animation studio in Corporation with University of Vienna (Faculty of Physics)

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  • Quanta Quandaries

    Quanta Quandaries

    A whimsical poetic exploration of basic quantum physics, the weird and wonderful sub-atomic science that too often defies logical explanations on our scale of things. The Alice through the Looking Glass theme plays into the mysterious goings on in the sub-atomic quantum world.  The aim of this video is to introduce the names of some of the key components and concepts of quantum physics through a perspective that illustrates and animates the weirdness of some of those ideas.

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