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  • a brief moment in 2012

    a brief moment in 2012

    The inspiration for this film was an announcement to the world on 4th July 2012. One tiny event for man. One giant universe of questions for mankind.

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  • The Quantum Worldbuilder

    The Quantum Worldbuilder

    On a scientific breakthrough to replicate Earth, Professor Up accidentally creates an evil version of himself, Doctor Down. Doctor Down then hijacks the Quantum Worldbuilder pod, and proceeds to creating a new world where all men are a version of himself. Can Professor Up stop his evil self in time?

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  • Quantum Invader

    “Quantum Physics tells us that massive particles can interfere with themselves. What if that also works on the macroscopic scale? Would we need to fear “Quantum Invader”? We decided to explore this question both in the lab and in a computer game. Here is our trailer….” Animation: WoogieWorks animation studio in Corporation with University of Vienna (Faculty of Physics)

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  • High School Particles

    High School Particles

    As students, we saw links between quantum mechanics and school life. This is shown in the video which summarises the fundamental forces, Standard Model, QCD and QED. This approach links the micro and macro worlds in a way many people can relate to. Also, despite the abstract theories in Quantum Mechanics, there is still room for light-heartedness which is also the motivation behind the title. Although the explanation is in logical order, the venues and examples used are random. This [...]

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  • Quantum bureaudynamics lesson three : mini whole of governments

    Quantum bureaudynamics lesson three : mini whole of governments

    This video explains the physics behind the formation of mini whole of governments out of the quantum foam. It touches on the second law of bureaudynamics, and String ‘Em Along theory. My wife and I enjoy following quantum science, and have found many of the theories relate to the bureaucracies we deal with, giving rise to Quantum Bureaudynamics, a fertile field in which we play. Made it mostly on my iPad using an animation app called Animation Desk, then put [...]

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  • Particle-Wave Duality

    Particle-Wave Duality

    While working on our research project at UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering department, we noticed that picturing quantum physics phenomena can be quite difficult. As a result, we were inspired to use a demonstration of our experiment to try and help students better visualize simple concepts in quantum physics such as particle-wave duality. So, we went around the UC Berkeley campus and interviewed a number of different students and filmed their reactions when we asked them about their understanding of particle-wave [...]

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  • Black Out

    Black Out

    A normal kid, going to a normal day of school. One of the really dangers rocket of the army was somehow dis-connected from the server and blew up somewhere totally else. This Rocket was caring a special chemical that made the on who was near it effected. In this case Kai’s head started to hurt and he started seeing Dimension. As he saw one of the possibilities of his future he gets scared. A voice in his head tells him [...]

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  • Einstein’s Day Out

    Einstein’s Day Out

    A cute, little short of Einstein on his day out at the Science Museum. Thanks for watching:)

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    A short story that involves disagreements between tenant and the householder with a bit of quantum superposition.

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  • Cat in the Box

    Cat in the Box

    You think you know the story. Cat in the Box, based on one of the most well-known quantum physics theories, is an indulgently playful film that spins a fresh new take on how we can see this concept in real life. Just what is the cat in the box?

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  • Feedback


    A reclusive director invites the press to a screening of his new film “Feedback”. Quantum mechanics and film are connected by subjectivity. –Traditional Japanese Haiku

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  • Conscious Universe

    Conscious Universe

    This film is an exploration into the profound nature of all things. The basic human tendency to search for meaning in life finds, for many people, an expression in both science and philosophy- both can be viewed as a sort of dance with the Mystery that lies at the heart of our existence. The type of reality proposed by quantum physics and the search for the elusive ‘Theory of Everything’ inspire in me a profound sense of the mystical nature [...]

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