International Competition

Ben Bowie

Ben is Creative Director, Darlow Smithson Productions. He was the Executive Producer of Discovery Channel’s Emmy-nominated Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. He has enjoyed a string of successes as a TV director, including the films The World’s First Time Machine, Search for the First Human and the BAFTA-nominated How the Twin Towers Collapsed.

Artur Ekert

Artur is the Director of the Centre for Quantum Technologies and Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor at the National University of Singapore. He is also a Professor of Quantum Physics at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK. His main research interest is information processing in quantum systems. Artur is a co-inventor of quantum cryptography, which uses the fundamental laws of physics to guarantee perfectly secure communication. You can read some of his insights here.

Ariane Koek

Ariane is a cultural specialist in charge of international arts development at CERN, where she has developed an artist residency program called Collide@CERN; artists and scientists are the perfect partners, she says. Before joining CERN, Ariane worked as an award-winning cultural producer and leader in public broadcasting for the BBC in both television and radio.

Photo Credit: Christopher Kim

Lisa Randall

Lisa is a world-renowned professor of theoretical particle physics and cosmology at Harvard University. Her studies have made her among the most cited and influential theoretical physicists, but she also has a strong public presence through lectures, TV appearances and her bestselling books Warped Passages and Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Lisa is well-known for making connections between art and science, including writing a libretto for a science-based opera that premiered in the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Jeremy Webb

Jeremy is Editor-in-Chief of New Scientist with responsibility for both the magazine and website. Over his 18 years at New Scientist, he has worked in a variety of roles including nine years as Editor. Before joining New Scientist, Jeremy had a varied career, including a time writing scripts for World Wide Television News.

Lonce Wyse

Lonce is the Director of the Arts and Creativity Lab in the Interactive and Digital Media Institute at the National University of Singapore. He describes himself as someone who thinks in sound. He teaches in the areas of media aesthetics, design, theory, and analysis in the University’s Communications and New Media Programme. He initiated and leads the NUS Art/Science Residency programme.