High School Particles

As students, we saw links between quantum mechanics and school life. This is shown in the video which summarises the fundamental forces, Standard Model, QCD and QED. This approach links the micro and macro worlds in a way many people can relate to. Also, despite the abstract theories in Quantum Mechanics, there is still room for light-heartedness which is also the motivation behind the title.

Although the explanation is in logical order, the venues and examples used are random. This represents the quantum world – a world of randomness. This aspect allows viewers to appreciate the essence of Quantum Mechanics.

The final scene serves as a closure and shows another concept. It resembles Schrödinger’s Cat where the classroom is the closed box. When the tutor enters, she disturbs the system as an observer and changes the outcome, i.e. the score. Moreover, the closing box represents quantum teleportation – what happened in school also happened in the box even though they are not linked.