Conscious Universe

This film is an exploration into the profound nature of all things.

The basic human tendency to search for meaning in life finds, for many people, an expression in both science and philosophy- both can be viewed as a sort of dance with the Mystery that lies at the heart of our existence.

The type of reality proposed by quantum physics and the search for the elusive ‘Theory of Everything’ inspire in me a profound sense of the mystical nature of this elegant universe, leaving me with a deep sense of reverence, responsibility and gratitude for life. Together, science and mysticism create a beautiful harmony where physics and metaphysics seem to entangle and converge.

The non-physicality of matter and the wave-particle duality invoke the image of a great ocean that is the fabric of reality, like a unified field of infinite potentiality made up of bits of information. The connection between our role in observing the world and existence itself implies that this great ocean is consciousness itself.

This 14th century poem by the sufi mystic Mahmud Shabistari captures the essence of the beautiful resonance that is the Universe:

“Nonbeing is a mirror, the world the image, and man is the eye of the image, in which the person is hidden.
Thou art the eye of the image, and He the light of the eye.
Who has ever seen the eye through which all things are seen?
The world has become a man, and man a world.
There is no clearer explanation than this.
When you look well into the root of the matter, He is at once seen, seeing eye, and thing seen.
The holy tradition has declared this, and ‘without eye or ear’ demonstrated it.
Every particle of the world is a mirror; 
In each atom lies the blazing light
 of a thousand suns.
Cleave the heart of a rain-drop,
 a hundred pure oceans will flow forth.
Look closely at a grain of sand,
 the seed of a thousand beings can be seen.
In its members a fly is like an elephant; 
In essence, a drop of water 
is no different than the Nile.
In the heart of a barley-corn 
lies the fruit of a hundred harvests;
 Within the pulp of a millet seed
 an entire universe can be found.
In the wing of a fly, an ocean of wonder;
 In the pupil of the eye, an endless heaven.
Though the inner chamber of the heart is small,
 the Lord of both worlds
 gladly makes a home there.”
(from The Garden of Secrets)