From the Pentagon Inequality to the Poincaré Universe

“Some scientists make us believe, we are living in a flat grainy pancake universe.
But where would then the symmetries come from?”
The video shows discrete space grid known as cubic lattice Z5 in 3D animated geometry. It serves as a model in (quasi-) crystallography to examine higher-dimensional space in terms of the orthogonality graph in the form of a pentagram.
With this newly discovered hyper-Platonic solid, a space cell of grid Z5 : the Epitahedron (E±).- found by Renate Quehenberger in 2006- for the first time the connection between the symmetries of the subscendent space on the quantum level -1 up to the Poincaré universe could be visualized by evolving symmetries, crystallizing in steps of 36 degrees – just as Hernri Poincaré anticipated in 1904.

Many thanks to all digital artists and researchers, of the Quantum Cinema Group, especially to Christian Magnes, Rudi Friemel and Nikola Tasic as well as Hans Katzgraber for mathematical investigations and Prof. Peter Weibel for metoring the project.