Filmmaking Resources

If you’re inspired to make a film, but not sure where to start, here are some links you might find useful

Some basic steps to follow:

This is great advice on filming for free!


A couple of useful pages from the Film Connection

On directing…

…and on working with scant resources


Here’s an overview of  film-making (there’s more detail here than you’re likely to need, but hey, it’s good to learn):


If you’re going to have a script and actors, read this:


And for guides to some of the technical aspects, check out this set of film-making tutorials on YouTube:


One of the best resources for beginners we’ve found is at the UK SciCast competition website. “Film School” covers much of what you’ll need – and their guidelines on using other people’s stuff are excellent.


If you want to see what other people have done on similar projects, here are some award-winning films with a science bent (note: they are not necessarily as short as we are asking for – remember for this competion you are restricted to a maximum of three minutes):