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The 2012 Quantum Shorts competition set this challenge: take inspiration from quantum physics to make a film no longer than three minutes. We didn’t want films that explained quantum physics to us. Instead, we asked you to show us something of how it makes you think about the world. Our judges were blown away by the quality of the shortlisted films. You can watch the top ten films here and find out the winning films here. Congratulations to the winners and to all entrants to a competition that surpassed expectations! In 2013 we ran a Quantum Shorts competition for flash fiction - when you're done here, why not visit the Quantum Shorts 2013 site!.
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    After you’ve watched the shortlisted films, vote for your favourite here. Your vote will help to choose the winner of the People’s Choice award. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool. If you can’t see the poll above, go vote here.

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  • I.N..M.O.D.E.


    The Video was inspired by studying the quantum influence effects via electromagnetism on natural systems. Audio was self composed and the imagery is a collection of scientific images collected for inspiration.

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  • Alice in Quantumland

    Alice in Quantumland

    A love story about girl who finds her Romeo with a little help from quantum physics.

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  • Quantum thoughts

    Quantum thoughts

    My video is inspired by the quantum universe of super-positions, multi-verses and simply makes one ponder on the nature of our reality. I captured some elements from super 8 film and instant film and animated these with digital elements into a sequence. I used film elements because I think film chemistry shows the randomness of the quantum world in a beautiful way.

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  • Entanglement


    2 friends wake up to find themselves victim to a curse analogous to quantum entanglement, they each can control the arm of the other. As they struggle to come to terms with their predicament, they try to continue with their everyday lives. Can they find a cure, or are they doomed to face a life were the actions of one instantly affects the other? We made this over the course of a week, but didn’t spend more than 48 man-hours [...]

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  • A State of Superposition

    A State of Superposition

    Raul fled Somalia when he was twelve, after witnessing the killing of his father. On the plane out, the announcements were in a language he couldn’t understand; he had no idea where he was going. He was not in a position to observe the destination and so entered a state of superposition, simultaneously travelling to France, Germany, America and every other country with an airport. It was only once he landed, and a social worker pointed to England on a [...]

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  • From the Pentagon Inequality to the Poincaré Universe

    From the Pentagon Inequality to the Poincaré Universe

    “Some scientists make us believe, we are living in a flat grainy pancake universe. But where would then the symmetries come from?” The video shows discrete space grid known as cubic lattice Z5 in 3D animated geometry. It serves as a model in (quasi-) crystallography to examine higher-dimensional space in terms of the orthogonality graph in the form of a pentagram. With this newly discovered hyper-Platonic solid, a space cell of grid Z5 : the Epitahedron (E±).- found by Renate [...]

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  • Chasing The Light

    Chasing The Light

    A very personal tribute to Light – an often overlooked piece of magic in my life and the one single thing that can make everything beautiful in an instant. Written and Directed by Esna Ong Voiceover: Jondave Ong Special thanks to: Ahmad Nazaruddin, Tan Yan Yong, Rosemarie Lim, Michelle Ng and Victoria Lim Music by: Incompetech

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  • The Double Slit Experiment

    The Double Slit Experiment

    Quantum answers #3 – The Double Slit Experiment This video suggests that particle-wave dualism is responsible for the confusion around the double slit experiment.  If you remove that assumption – and use the Transactional and Many-world interpretations – a more plausible explanation becomes apparent.

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  • What is time?

    What is time?

    Quantum answers #1 – What is time?  Is it an illusion? The Schrodinger equation and Maxwell’s equation have relativistic versions that flow backwards in time.

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  • Do we have free will?

    Do we have free will?

    Quantum answers #2 – Is there free will? This video answers this question using the Many-world and Transactional interpretations of quantum mechanics.  The surprising answer is revealed in the introduction.

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  • Apostrophe


    We are students (high school students) of science and have been instructed in the fundamentals of quantum physics (in a semi-rigorous mathematical setting). However we’ve never got the chance to explore quantum physics from a heterodox point of view. Applying our artistic and creative skills, we entered this competition to maybe think about quantum physics a little differently. Judges, you might find that I understate this. This video thinks about quantum physics very differently, and if Schrödinger’s cat were to [...]

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